Lynda Nyangweso’s difficult first week of motherhood


Kiss FM presenter Lynda Nyangweso has shared details of her first week of motherhood – which she says has been a quite a ‘torment’.

The first time mother, who welcomed her bundle of joy on June 25, describes the pains and joys in a side-splitting way.

Lynda took to Instagram to detail her experiences from the first week of motherhood.

She wrote: “I wish someone told me I would limp, be sore and feel like I was failing from day one. But that we all feel like that. But, this too shall pass. I wish someone would have told me that one day I would pray, as in, in tongues, as in natuma Ksh310, for leaky nipples. Hang in there. I also wish though, I had told you that as much as you’re an emotional train wreck, you are that baby’s emotional light house. And I bet you you’ll cry at least once over something stupid. #sob.”

The drive show co-host further described the pain she went through – but says the emotion of joy superseded every other feeling.

“But when it’s good. It’s really good. I wish someone told me that even if you think you know someone inside out after 7 years, you will learn in an instant what an amazing human being they truly are once they become a father. #DaddysGirl. I wish someone told me the first time she heard me sing and smiled, (probably just gas), I’d want to wear underwear over my pants and a towel for a cape for the rest of my life.

“I wish someone told me that even if you’re a “private” person, and “don’t do” social media much, as soon as you saw her, you knew every post for the rest of your life after that would most probably be about her. Megan Brooklyn Hawi Osiro.#June25″

Lynda admits there is pressure to paint a rosy picture about motherhood, but she decided to be honest about the experience.

“I wanted to come on here and make it seem like the last week has been the best week of my life and just that but I decided not to lie. Sure it would’ve been easier to fake it for the gram but I wish someone had told me the truth. A week ago tomorrow, God opened the floodgates and my little girl was dramatically born! #LookAtGod #ShowingOff #Blessed.”

Lynda Nyangweso tied the knot with her husband Lance Osiro in a colourful and star-studded wedding in June 26, 2015 at Rosedale Gardens in Nairobi.


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