Looking for some weight loss inspiration? Check out these celeb before and after pics

Looking for some weight loss inspiration? Well, Kenyan celebrities could be just what the doctor ordered for you.

From Christian power couple Revered Allan and Kathy Kiuna , to Executive Water boss Anerlisa Muigai – Kenyan celebrities are shedding off extra kilos, and looking fabulous.

Kalekye Mumo


The former Kiss 100 radio presenter stunned Kenyans with her 40kgs off at 40 reveal earlier this year.

Kalekye had developed some complications with her legs when her blood vessels could not allow blood to flow up her legs properly, thus putting her at risk of developing a clot.

She decided to take her doctor’s advice and shed off the weight in order to maintain good health. During the big reveal, Kalekye explained that she joined the Fat Loss Lab regime and the strict diet prescribed helped her lose the extra weight.

Anerlisa Muigai


Ms. Muigai, who happens to be the brilliant brains behind Executive Water, revealed that she had dropped an incredible six dress sizes in just four months earlier on this year.

She has stated that stress was the major cause of her weight gain, and though she is not where she wants to be, she is happy with her progress to a healthier lifestyle.

She attributes her weight loss progress to a good diet, rigorous sessions at the gym and focus on her desired target.

Nazizi Hirji


Kenya’s first lady of hip hop shocked many when she posted a before and after photo revealing her 32 kg weight loss.

Nazizi disclosed that her unhealthy eating habits almost made her miscarry.  The near loss of her pregnancy prompted her to shed off the weight.

Nazizi combined eating healthier and regular work-outs to achieve her new banging body.

Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna




The Kiunas joined the weight loss bandwagon to live a healthier lifestyle and have been sharing photos on social media to showcase their journey.

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