LOL! These are the funniest Bro Ocholla Tweets

When Ochieng Ocholla was typing a racy message to his romantic interest on WhatsApp, he must have been expecting an equally steamy response. But nothing could have prepared him for the overwhelming feedback that he got from social media users.

By accidentally sending the message to his prayer group, Ocholla took the first step in a path that would lead him to the top of Twitter’s trends pane.

One member of Embakasi Prayer Cell’s WhatsApp group decided to take a screenshot of the sexual message and just like that, Ocholla’s bedroom matters made their way to the public domain.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have never been known to pass up a chance to poke fun at others, and today they didn’t disappoint. Here are some of the funniest tweets on the #BroOcholla trend:

Brands were not left behind. Here’s how they joined the #BroOcholla trend:

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