LOL! Kenyans’ social media reactions to man who hiked a lift on chopper


A man was injured Friday evening after hanging on a plane carrying the body of the late city businessman Jacob Juma while taking off.

The chopper, which landed at the Posta Grounds for public viewing of the body, attracted a huge crowd with hundreds of residents coming to bid farewell to the slain businessman.

The surging crowd moved closer to the chopper with some residents even trying to gain access into it.

Following the big number of residents coming to pay their last respects to Juma, the pilot – who was still in the chopper – decided to take off with the man hanging on it and refusing to let go.

Shortly after take-off, the pilot lowered the plane for the man to jump off but he continued clinging on to it. The pilot had no other option but to drop him forcefully, something that left him with some serious injuries.

He was rushed to Lumboka Memorial Hospital in Bungoma for treatment.

Kenyans have now reacted to the man’s dangerous action. Some comments are hilarious; others are harsh.

Benard Jason: He must be tired of staying of staying in Bungoma and decided to have a lift to Nairobi.

Salan EL Mahamadi: How long was he going to swing on that helicopter? He must be crazy to do that.

Igwe Wesley: Some people are insane…. anyway amepanda ndege despite the injuries (he has managed to board a plane despite the injuries … RIP Juma.

Rop K Luley: Haha he got a masters – ameachana na mat (he’s graduated from using matatus).

Faith Jj: Ameogopa Jam Ya Nai (The man fears being caught in Nairobi’s traffic).

Ngira Wa Ngira: This is what you rip after subscribing to many of Rambo and Shaolin Temple’s movies without understanding the concept. Safe skies buddy!

Dan Hussain Chelsea Omar: Professional mourners, he was paid, tomorrow you will see him crying, then a plate of food,Lol.

Nikol Asaya: Let the government. …alert all citizens.

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