Livestock owner nabs thief selling his cattle at slaughterhouse

A middle-aged man was arrested at a slaughterhouse in Isinya, Kajiado County where he had taken cows and goats he had allegedly stolen from a Kajiado businessman.

The suspected thief was in the process of selling the livestock to meat traders at the slaughterhouse, when he was nabbed.

The suspected thief, upon realising that the livestock owner was waiting at the slaughterhouse to see whether his animals would be brought to the facility, took off, but was arrested 3 kilometers away.

Isinya residents say their livestock have been stolen in the recent past by unknown people.

Besides his business, the stolen livestock’s owner works as at the slaughterhouse, where the suspected thief, unsuspectingly, took the two cows and five goats.

Area village elder, Philip Ole Kanoi, urged the youth to refrain from engaging in livestock theft.


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