Letting go: When, and how to say ‘enough is enough’


Just like a hen, an eagle too sits on its eggs waiting for them to hatch. Some hatch a little faster than others. After a while those that do not hatch, the eagle sits on them a little longer.

At some point, as it has to provide for the ones that hatched with food; it flies away, comes back, feeds the young ones and still sit on the eggs to see if there will be any difference. When it sees that there is still no change after all the efforts it has made, it gives up and moves on with the rest of the eaglets letting go of what could not become.

The hardest thing in our lives is to figure out when to give up; giving up on that business, on that relationship, on that venture.

At times we are conflicted with the ‘maybe’, maybe if I put more effort in it…, maybe if I invest more in it…, maybe if I put more time in it…

It has to reach a point where you draw a line, and say you have nothing more to give and move on to the next thing.

The eagle had figured out that there was nothing wrong with her. She had witnesses, the hatched eaglets that proved it. It wasn’t that her heat wasn’t enough. Even with the extended time, still nothing happened!

Because had the eagle not given up and moved on, it would have compromised her future, her destiny by just laying down on her ‘dead history’.

This would have robbed her of an opportunity to tend well to its eaglets and joy would have been no more as she is still holding on to what needs to be discarded.

This also applies in our lives. You have pursued a certain business for the longest time, taken loans and incurred debts and your business failed! It is okay to fall down, but staying down; blaming yourself and walking round feeling like your world is over, is not the solution. First, forgive yourself, let go of what was and use that experience to teach you.

Do not be afraid to dream again! Start another business.

Nancy Muthoni worked as a secretary in a bank and was a manager at Diners Club International. This allowed her to venture into business. She was successful and had a lot of money, at one point, she bought a BMW on impulse.

However, her businesses made her run bankrupt and lost everything to auctioneers. This, however, wasn’t her end; she picked herself up and started First Avenue, a real estate firm and despite having no media background, became a TV host for the Property TV show.

“My biggest lesson is that there is no such thing as too much or too little money. Secondly, I learned to work with professionals. I should have had a market analyst. And because of that failure, I invested in the best machines and then the market collapsed yet I could have done things gradually,” said Ms Muthoni.

“Lastly, losing everything humbles you. Today if you tell me that you have no money for school fees, I will know exactly what you mean. I have been there many, many times. I know how it feels to eat in the dark with my children. Losing everything builds your character and empathy,” she said.

You were in a serious relationship; very sure you were tying the knot, then boom, the relationship fails!

This does not mean that you will not get anyone else to love you. Holding on and trying to retrieve what’s irredeemable, will only turn you to a bitter person.

And as they say a negative person attracts negative things. It is okay to cry and get mad about it, but staying mad, holding grudges will only ruin you.

Let go and allow yourself to move on to the next chapter in your life.




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