LESAN:How to deal with Monday blues

Monday blues

Today, I am going to write about something that almost all of us face – the dreaded Monday blues.

Monday is usually the day many people seem to loathe. I’m pretty sure if we all could just bypass Monday, we wouldn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity to skip the day.

But the reality is, there’s no escaping it. There’s no magic rewind back to Sunday or fast-forward to Tuesday button. And yes, there’s no potion we can drink to make the weekend last longer. We’re simply forced to suck it up and deal with our Monday blues.

There are countless of songs, art and cartoons where people express their hatred and experience of this phenomena It is common to typically hear or even say on Sunday nights things like: “Oh no tomorrow is Monday!” or “The weekend was too short!” But why do we feel this sad feeling?

If you have a stressful job, you are probably stuck with a serious case of the blues as soon as your alarm rings on your Monday morning. While we cannot make Mondays disappear altogether, we can try our best to make sure they aren’t as hard as they seem.

A long week seems to be ahead of you but it always goes by faster than you think it will. While it’s tough to remember this on a Monday morning, here are some small things you can do to get rid of those Monday blues.

Don’t start your week on Sunday

A lot of times, we tend to start thinking about our week ahead on Sundays itself. We feel a knot in your stomach, a sense of impending doom. Make sure you change that.

Your weekend lasts for only two days and you cannot spend one of them worrying! Get the most out of your Sunday – relax at home or go out with friends. Distract yourself because you really don’t have to deal with the week till the week actually arrives.

Wake up an hour earlier on Monday

Go to bed early on Sunday night and wake up one hour earlier than you usually do on Monday morning -try this!

Mondays are usually defined by chaos – breakfast on the go, rushed showers, which adds to your anxiety. Getting up one hour earlier will ensure that you have enough time on Monday to get yourself ready for the week.

You can calmly collect your thoughts, do a small workout routine, make yourself a relaxed breakfast – it will make a lot of difference to how you feel!

Begin with a treat

We all know how food can affect your mood. Make your Monday breakfast a special one. Add your favourite treat to your breakfast – a chocolate muffin, pancakes, waffles, anything that you may be craving for and dig into it guilt-free!

Your favourite playlist is your best friend

On a Monday morning, turn to your favourite playlist for comfort. Listening to uplifting, happy music can make those blues disappear like magic! So, turn up the volume and play your favourite song while you do a little dance in front of the mirror. Make this a ritual and you’ll never look at Mondays the same way!

Make plans for the week

Early on Monday, make sure you make plans for the week with your friends and family. Pack your days with movie plans, dinners, anything that you may like to. This gives you something to look forward to for the rest of the week and makes Mondays more than just bearable!

These are some of the simplest tips that make sure Monday blues are a safe distance away.Happy Monday,it’s gonna be an awesome week!



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