Leopard attack leaves six seriously wounded in Murang’a – PHOTOS

A stray leopard left six wounded after it attacked residents of Ngaaini Village in Maragwa Constituency, Murang’a County Friday night (April 28).

The injured were rushed to Murang’a District Hospital with deep scratches on the face, head, hand, thigh and mouth.

The leopard was killed by residents of Ngaaini Village.

According to a nurse at Murang’a District Hospital, namely Salome Kimani, four of the six were treated and discharged, while two, who suffered grave injuries will have to be admitted.

The leopard had attacked a man in the village, when the victim’s son took a panga and an arrow and attempted to kill it, but he was overpowered. Villagers rushed to the scene and managed to terminate the big cat’s life.

The young man who was attacked, namely Hesbon Mwangi, suffered injuries on the head, right hand and thigh.

It is yet to be established where the leopard came from.

The attack victims are calling on the Kenya Wildlife Service to offset their medical bills.








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