Why Ethic cannot perform their ‘Lamba Lolo’ smash hit

The disagreement between popular upcoming music group Ethic and their management team has escalated to a point where the courts may have to get involved.

This comes after all music videos of the music group, most popularly known as the ‘Lamba Lolo’ crew after their first smash hit, were pulled down from the YouTube channel on Wednesday.

Speaking to EDAILY on phone, Ethic’s music manager Mwakitele Kitawi, popularly known as ‘Teleh Mani’ (HYPE Entertainment), said the videos would only be uploaded back to YouTube after the dispute has been resolved.

“The matter is headed to the courts as we have already drafted our papers so I am not in a position to say much about it until it comes to an end. But if they perform any of those songs at any concert then it would only further complicate the issue for them,” said Teleh.

This is, however, not the first time the music outfit – made up of Zilla, Seska, Rekless, Swat – and their manager are engaged in a tiff.

In August this year, Teleh took to social networking site Twitter to air his frustrations and regrets about working with the group.

In the Twitter thread, Teleh explained how he met the boys during the ‘Lamba lolo’ craze and offered to help build their brand and grow their music in the industry.

He narrated how he paid for their recording sessions and cab transports and music videos and lined them up for television and radio interviews in the process.

However, according to him, greed got the better of them (Ethic) and they only realized when it was brought to their attention that one of them was booking his own shows and charging as low as Ksh.2000.

He further added that the boys even, at some point, threatened him in a WhatsApp group. They hence parted ways before reuniting after they (Ethic) apologized for their behavior.

“They apologized and we took them back in. They, however, messed up again and that is why we are where we are today. I cannot say in what way that is, exactly, because like I have said it is a court matter now,” added Teleh.

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