Lady Jaydee takes Ray C to church for ‘special’ prayers

Legendary Tanzanian singer Lady Jaydee took Ray C to church for ‘special’ prayers during the weekend.

Ray C had visited Lady Jaydee at her house in Masaki, Dar es Salaam when Jaydee asked Ray C to accompany her to church.

Ray C’s initial purpose of visit was to congratulate Lady Jaydee on the release of Jaydee’s new song Ndi Ndi Ndi and in the same breath, check on her.

Present at Jaydee’s house was Ray C’s longtime friend Anitha who used to fellowship with the Moto Moto star.

After catching up, the trio left for church – with Anitha playing a major role in convincing Ray C to accompany Jaydee and herself to church.

Anitha and Lady Jaydee’s objective was to dedicate Ray C to God after the Mama Nitilie star fell off the wagon due to drug addiction – a battle she has been fighting since 2012.

“Jaydee and Ray C had not, until recently, met for five or six years. Over the weekend, Ray C checked on Jaydee at her home in Masaki. Jaydee then took the opportunity to take Ray C to church for special prayers. Many have tried to convince Ray C into going to church but it proves quite a task,” a source told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

Jaydee’s manager, Christina Mosha ‘Seven’ has confirmed Ray C visited Jaydee and even accompanied the Yahaya star to church.


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