KWS in support of Hell’s Gate as a venue for Koroga Festival

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has now defended the choice of Hell’s Gate as a venue for the upcoming edition of the Koroga Festival.

The 29th Koroga Festival, dubbed the ‘Naivasha Love Edition,’ will go down on February 14-15 next year at the national park.

KWS, in the statement, stated that – in fact – the park has been used for numerous successful events in the past – including ‘To Hells Gate on a Wheelbarrow’ as well as the ‘Safaricom Jazz Festival’ – without damage to the biodiversity.

“This is largely because unlike any other wildlife-based national parks, Hells Gate National Park is an activity-based conservation and recreation facility renowned for cycling, rock climbing, horse riding, camping, walking, sight-seeing and event hosting,” read the statement.

“As a matter of fact, the park has sites designated for hosting events where insecurity and disturbance of wildlife is minimized. We also have clear regulations for the event organisers, including timing, noise levels and clean-up after events.”

The service further added that funds raised from any event held in the park are ploughed back to support conservation.

“As guardians of Kenya’s national parks, we reassure the public of our utmost commitment to maintaining the ecological integrity of these conservation and recreation facilities,” KWS added.

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