KTN’s Joy Doreen Biira appeared in Uganda court, speaks on her father’s arrest

KTN business anchor Joy Doreen Biira appeared in a Ugandan court on Thursday, December 8, 2016 following charges of abetting terrorism in relation to the Kasese tragedy in Uganda.

The journalist was last month arrested following her social media post that according to the police ‘incited’ the public.

“The bond requirement was that we were to report on December 8, so we did that,” she told eDaily.

Ms Biira revealed of her compliance with the court orders and willingness to provide any information required of her as investigations of her case go on.

“We are cooperating with the security agencies there. There is nothing we are hiding so whatever it is they are investigating they will still let us know. It’s just the normal procedures that security agencies do.”

Early Tuesday, Joy Doreen Biira’s father was detained by Ugandan police, according to her social media post.

“Receiving reports of my dad being detained … reasons not yet confirmed I pray he’s just being asked to write a statement or answer to a few questions … that would be okay. Hope it’s nothing serious,” read her post.

He has since been released after he was questioned, said Joy Doreen Biira.

“Dad is okay and a free man. He was only asked a few questions – like I said earlier it’s nothing to worry about.”

On her traditional wedding

Ms Biira affirmed that her traditional wedding went on as planned, despite the unfortunate ending and reserved her comment on her future wedding plans.

“You will just have to watch this space,” she said.


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