Ksh4, 000 is not a ticket for your ‘girlfriend’ to conform – Gov. Laboso


Bomet County Governor Dr Joyce Laboso has expressed concern over increased cases of the killing of young and promising women.

Speaking at a youth function held at a hotel in Bomet Town on Friday, Dr Laboso said the society at large, including different institutions such as the church, schools, families and State, need to “relook the socialisation culture and practice we are taking our youth through”.

“We are really witnessing very strange phenomena in our country at the moment, particularly on the killings of young ladies. It is really unfortunate, and we cannot understand what is going on with some of our youth. We want to encourage them that counseling needs to be done. Families too should come in and try to understand the changes today’s youth are going through,” said Dr Laboso.

“Look at that young, beautiful and wonderful girl we lost in Eldoret the other day… Look at those many beautiful girls [who were killed in the recent past].

“Young ladies, when you see a partner of yours, a friend, a boyfriend starting to behave in a certain manner that is unlike them before, it is good you run away very quickly.

“For young men, the society expects a lot from you and we know that sometimes when you are unable to provide; when you are unable to do the things that, maybe, young ladies are expecting [of you],  you get frustrated. Kindly, vent out that frustration elsewhere rather than thinking that ‘if I cannot get this lady, then I would ensure she dies so that no other man is able to befriend her’.

“As a mother, I am concerned. We need to look – again – how we are socialising our youth.

“Sometimes we are harbouring a lot of expectations on young men, who, maybe, are genuinely not in a position to provide.

“So, let us not look at the friendships that we make as investments. You are going to give your girlfriend Ksh4, 000… It is not an investment that you are buying her that she now must behave in a certain way. So, let us find ways and means of delinking what we do with our friends from how we are expecting them to reciprocate.

“All of us: the church, the parents, the society and the school must relook the socialisation process that our children are undergoing. It is a concern for all of us,” said the governor.

Dr Laboso’s remarks come on the back of a brewing debate on whether it is okay to accept material gifts from a person, whom one is not interested in.

Radio host Jalang’o is one of the celebrities who waded into the controversial topic.

His school of thought – that men expect something in return when they give out money – was widely criticised by a section of online users, including Kiss FM presenter Adelle Onyango.

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