‘Ksh100 wedding couple’ closes down shop, counters online reports about baby shower


Wilson Mutura and Ann Wambui Mutura are expecting their first child together on October 5, 2017, Mutura exclusively told eDaily.

Mr and Mrs Mutura rose to public fame when they held a wedding which cost Ksh100. The wedding took place at Kasarani in Nairobi County in January, 2017.

Following their humble gesture, which moved many, the two received a plethora of goodies from well-to-do Kenyans, including a parcel of land in Kitengela, a honeymoon in Kenya’s coast, a luxury wedding among others.

Mr and Mrs Mutura in May, 2017 opened a shop in Kasarani, which would close three months later due to lack of customers and sufficient capital to run it.

“My wife and I are fine, though we are struggling to make ends meet. Money is elusive, few problems here and there,” Mutura told eDaily.

“We have been forced to close the shop we’d opened in May, 2017 because of lack of customers and sufficient finances to run it. I think the physical location of the shop was not strategic. There were days when evening would reach without having sold a single commodity. End month would reach without us raising the needed rent for the premises, thus forcing us to borrow money from friends and relatives to foot the accrued bills.

“The money we’d injected into the business was all lost. We would make constant losses. My wife and I saw it wise to sell the business and channel the money to another business, which would make little profit. Now I have resorted to selling apples. We had no other option.

“Should I get moderately good money, I would use it as capital in putting up an electronic shop. That is a trade I love doing because the items you sell are not highly perishable like those in a shop. During the shop business, we used to dispose of the rotten, spoiled and debased commodities such as flour and other food stuff,” said Mutura.

Mr and Mrs Mutura are expecting their baby on October 5; and contrary to online reports that they held a baby shower last weekend, Mr Mutura denies.

“I will soon throw my wife a baby shower. The party should have been held long ago, only that I did not have money. People mistook a normal photo shoot my wife and I had for a baby shower. If I get money I sure will call you for a baby shower,” he said.

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