Kobi Kihara in trouble with online users over “fake” lifestyle – PHOTOS


Media personality Kobi Kihara has found herself on the receiving end for portraying what online users term as a “fake” lifestyle.

Ms Kihara, who has always awed her followers with classy and sophisticated fashion statements, is now a laughing stock on Twitter and Instagram after it emerged that she has been lifting pictures from the online portals of high-end firms and prominent people, and posting them as her own.

She goes ahead to caption the products in the pictures as hers.

Cheeky and curious online users went ahead to verify originality of those photos using technology, and they found out that she has been lifting those breathtaking pictures from the internet.

Recently, the former television presenter was caught in a lie when she posted an enticing photo of a rosemary chicken, bacon and avocado salad, with the caption: “I make a bad ass salad”.

When a fan asked how she managed to make the sweet-looking meal, Kobi Kihara went ahead to give out the full recipe.

However, Twitter users discovered that the same photo had been posted to a food website.

Because of that one photo, online users discovered many more that Kobi has been lifting, consequently christening her the moniker ‘Copy Kihara’, a clever play on her name Kobi Kihara.

A certain statement by Ms Kihara got Kenyans on social media breaking their bones with laughter. Kobi Kihara had said, of an attire picture: “The dressing is pear vinaigrette, it’s so good! I found it in my mom’s fridge.”

A Twitter user, whose handle is @SirAlexas, has taken it upon himself to uncover more of Kobi Kihara’s ‘fake photos’.

This begs the question: Are celebrities under a certain pressure to impress their followers?

Not too long ago, popular comedian David the student was accused of conning Kenyans while he was in America.

The comedian took to Facebook to admit to these allegations saying that the allegations were true and that he “takes full responsibility and is ashamed of his behavior.”

“It is true I borrowed money but I have never told anyone my dad has cancer! I apologize to everyone I borrowed and those who lent me money and I’ve not refunded. I take full responsibility and I am ashamed. There’s so much pressure being on TV to live a certain life but in real sense it’s crazy. Comedy in Kenya doesn’t pay,” David the student said.


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