Kisumu women stranded in Kwale

Two women’s groups from Kisumu County have been left stranded in Kwale County – where they had gone perform at the Kenya National Cultural Festivals – after their county officials allegedly abandoned them.

The women claim none of them has been receiving their daily allowances (KSh2700) for meals and accommodation.

They claim the county officials told them to fund their journey to Kwale and that the county government would refund them the money they had used on transport and food.

The two groups of the Muslim Community: Chipukizi Cultural Dancers and Kisumu Modern Taarab Stars comprise 66 members who have been spending the nights in mosques and classes.

“We wonder why the officials have left us without knowing where we sleep and what we eat. We came here to represent Kisumu County as the Muslim community” said Amina Doso.

Kisumu County director of cultural services Kennedy Otieno refuted the women’s claims, saying they have been paying the women KSh700 each daily as allowances.

The Cultural Festivals took place at Diani Babla Secondary School.

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