Kisumu vet who claims he can create a cow that produces sugared milk arrested

Walter Ouma who claims to be a Kisumu-based veterinary neurosurgeon has been arrested.

His arrest and impending prosecution comes after a wave of social media uproar over the nature of weird experiments that he was doing in his laboratory.

A cross between a dog and a bat that Ouma reportedly created in his house. Photo: Walter Ouma/Facebook

For starters, he showed photos of weird experiments in which he attempted to fuse the DNA of a dog with that of a hen.

The results were creatures from another world-although born dead and it amounted to animal cruelty.

Walter Ouma writing a statement shortly after his arrest. Photo: Walter Ouma/Facebook

Other experiments included a weird attempt in which he attempted to create glow-in-the-dark chicks by fusing chicken DNA with that of a fire-fly- of course it was terrible fail.

Ouma in one of his experiments where he created a monster chick. Photo: Facebook/ Walter Ouma

Ouma also prides himself in being an archeologist and claims to have dug up a fossilized skeleton of the early man at some farm in Kisumu.

This is an addition to claims that he was working on bringing back to life, a now extinct bird whose skeleton he had retrieved from a grove in his village.

Yet , even as he is labelled a quack, Ouma has authored a handful books in animal biology and documented his experiements in some.

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