Kirinyaga family living in fear as “unseen hands” pelt stones at them


A family from Mutithi village, Kirinyaga County claims ghosts are pelting them with stones, consequently causing them discomfort and fear.

Bernard Muchoki, Susan Wangeci and their children say they stole their elderly neighbour’s 12 bricks nearly two weeks ago, and that is when their troubles began.

“We thought kids were throwing stones on our roof. Mark you, the time was 4am. We rushed outside the house with our torches lit, but we did not see anybody,” said Susan.

They returned the bricks, but the ghosts – who they say have “unseen hands” – would not leave them alone.

When they try to pray over the eerie issue, Susan says they often get choked, hence cannot continue their orisons.

“When stones are thrown on our roof every evening from 6pm, my husband urinates on himself. My children on the other hand, no longer eat. I do not know what to do,” said Susan.

Mutithi community village elder, Geoffrey Githaka, has promised to intervene to reconcile the hostile families.

Reporting by Johnson Muriithi; writing by Brian Okoth.

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