King Kaka’s music video ‘Dundaing’ deleted from YouTube

Rapper King Kaka has been the latest casualty of YouTube crackdown on “raunchy” content after his music video titled “Dundaing” was pulled down from the video-sharing platform on Monday, October 29.

According to King Kaka, the music video was deleted because “it is violating community guidelines”.

“I have been told that I have two hours to pull down ‘Dundaing’ music video,” King Kaka said on Twitter at 10am Monday.

“I have seen worse videos with [more erotic content than Dundaing…,” said Kaka on Twitter.

The music video featured vixens engaging in sexually suggestive dances.

King Kaka says he won’t be deterred by that move, and that his plan to drop a new music album on November 30 remains on course.

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