King Kaka’s advice to drama-scarred Otile Brown


Kenyan rapper King Kaka has advised Otile Brown to shun negative energy thrown his direction by Vera Sidika – and instead, focus his full attention to music.

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King Kaka made that remark on Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto show on Wednesday, November 21.

Asked by host Willy Tuva to give a word of advice to the drama-scarred Otile Brown, King Kaka said: “It has been a while since I talked to Otile, [though what I would tell him is that] I went to the US and got the chance to be interviewed by Tracy Morgan. Tracy Morgan told me, during our chat, that I should only focus on music, and treat all other things as secondary.

“He said: ‘If God blessed you with a talent in singing, pursue it fully; many wish they could sing, but they can’t. You are in a position of power; use it wisely; you are influencing the society. If God blesses you, be thankful and make good use of the blessings. Do your music, and go back to your family’.”

Otile Brown was early this week accused by his ex-lover, Ms Sidika, of being naïve and spiritless in bed.

Otile Brown said he won’t address those claims by his former flame.

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