King Kaka challenges Nyashinski, Khaligraph, Octopizzo to follow Sauti Sol footsteps

Kenyan Hip Hop heavyweight King Kaka has challenged fellow industry players Khaligraph Jones, Octopizzo and Nyashinski to identify one upcoming artist each and mentor them.

The rapper, real name Kennedy Ombima, urged the established acts to follow in the footsteps of top boy band Sauti Sol presently grooming upcoming acts through their newly established Sol Generation Records.

King Kaka, in a video posted on social media, echoed the sentiments expressed by James Keller through his now popular quote, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

“This thing was a dream many years ago, and just seeing us on a different level now, on the throne, I love it. Three or four years ago I went to an interview and said Sauti Sol should pull up other artists, and I don’t know if they took my advise or the plan was already in the pipeline but now we have Sol Generation,” he said.

“If Sauti Sol decided not to hold the hands of Nviiri, Bensol, Kaskazini etc…we would not be listening to songs like ‘Pombe Sigara’ or ‘Lucy’ right now.”

He further added: “So I’m challenging Octopizzo, Khali and Nyashinski…we will keep making hit songs and they will trend, but who will people say you ever brought forward? I would like to see another young Octopizzo, Khali and Nyashinski. Share your secrets with an upcoming artist.”

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