King Kaka blasts promoters for paying Diamond, AliKiba more than local acts

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Popular Kenyan Hip Hop rapper Rabbit King Kaka Sungura, born Kevin Ombima, has blasted local music promoters over what he terms as unfair treatment of local artistes.

The Kukachora hit-maker alleged that local music promoters give international artistes preferential treatment, often paying them more than local talents.

He said that Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba gets paid a heft Ksh2, 000, 000 to perform in the country, but his local counterparts get a paltry Ksh400, 000.

Sazile Alikiba anakam na analipwa hiyo 2 million sio mbaya. Diamond anakam analipwa hiyo 2 million, na nani pia anakam analipwa 2 million. On the same performance utaona wameweka legends wa hapa Kenya na trust me wamepewa 300k, 400k ata unaweza pata100k. Shame, what a shame!” he lamented.

Even with that minimal pay, locxal artistes still have to pay agents, so they take home even less.

“Sahizo bado yule amekupa show anataka cut yake which sio mbaya, but what do fans expect? Hii kitu yote iko connected,” he wrote.

The rapper also told the expressed his frustration over government agencies that regulate the media industry – sentiments that have been shared by many artistes in the industry.

King Kaka said these two reasons are o blame for the stunted growth of the Kenyan industry.

Kaka Sungura added that he will not be visiting South Africa soon to shoot music videos, as Kenya is rich in talent.

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