Kim Kardashian: My sex tape makes me a better candidate for US First Lady

Many would argue Kim Kardashian’s resume is already full.

However, the reality star is dying to add “First Lady” to the list, says Hollywoodlife.

An insider revealed to the entertainment website that Kim thinks the fact she has a sex tape only qualifies her more for the US’ top female position.

Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West is serious about running for president in 2020, and if he succeeds, it goes without saying; Kim will be the First Lady.

The socialite thinks she’s totally “First Lady Material,” according to a source.

“She‘s ready to step in that role (First Lady). She wants it. And she feels like she‘s been preparing for it her entire life,” disclosed the insider.

However, what about the sex tape which catapulted Kim to fame – will it put a stain on her ambition?

“She‘s not ashamed of her sex tape. She did it. She owns it and she takes responsibility for it. That’s the type of First Lady should be – one who doesn‘t run from her past life but confronts it and discusses it if need be,” revealed the source.

“Based on all her contributions to society at large, it’s a no-brainer – she‘s First Lady material,” she added.

Addressing the issue whether the American citizenry will overlook Kim’s sex tape and vote her husband in, the source spilled: “every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. That’s how Kim feels about people questioning her character as it relates to her being the First Lady of our nation.”

According to the source, Kim’s openness will endear her to the masses.

“Yes! Kim’s made her living being the people’s celebrity. People gravitate to her because she‘s open, she‘s carefree, she‘s approachable and she‘s a normal girl just like everyone else.”

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