‘Kill my husband & our daughter aged 23’: Children recall mum ordering assassins

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A middle-aged woman from Masindet B Village in Mt. Elgon, Bungoma County has been arrested on allegations of murdering her husband through assassins.

It is alleged that Phanice Alubusia, 47, hired four men and a woman to kill Gabriel Iyata, 50 on Thursday night after she accused him of engaging in sexual relations with her 23-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

According to the couple’s seven children – including Mr Iyata’s step-daughter –, their parents have had protracted quarrels for the past two weeks.

Neighbours say Ms Alubusia had even left her matrimonial briefly for her parents’ home before returning a few days ago.

Mr Iyata’s body was discovered thrown in a sugarcane plantation Thursday morning. It had deep panga cuts in the head, broken legs and arms. Next to his body, were a large metal rod, a blood-stained panga and the deceased’s mobile phone.

Mr Iyata’s sister, Violet Opiyo, says the couple’s children told her that the assassins broke into their house at 1am Thursday, and left with the 50-year-old.

The suspect followed the assassins as she issued orders, said Ms Opiyo.

“Kill him [Iyata] and that eldest girl,” the suspect reportedly told the hired killers, Mr Iyata’s sister said.

The eldest daughter, however, managed to escape through her bedroom window before the killers could pounce on her.

Irate Masindet B residents hunted two of the suspected assassins, who were positively identified by the children.

The neighbours beat the two up before police from Kapsokwony post arrived and took them [suspects] away.

One of the suspects, however, died while receiving treatment at Kapsokwony Hospital.

Police arrested a third suspect and the deceased’s wife, who are being detained at Kapsokwony post.

Investigations into the matter have been launched.

Mr Iyata’s body was taken to Webuye Sub-County Hospital mortuary.

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