Kiba to marry Mombasa-based woman, Joho expected to attend wedding

Tanzanian heavy-hitter Ali Kiba is set to – soon – tie the knot with a Mombasa-based woman, identified as Amina Rikesh, eDaily has learnt. The wedding will take place in Mombasa on April 19, our well-placed source, who has been invited to the function, reveals.

“She (Amina) lives at Kongowea, Mombasa,” said the insider, adding: “Wedding organizers have informed me, via phone, they are sending me an invite to the event, which should be taking place on April 19.”

Ali Kiba’s manager confirmed the planned wedding, which Mombasa Governor Ali Joho is expected to be the chief guest.

Amina’s family has close ties with Governor Joho. “Amina’s mum is a friend to Ali Joho’s elder brother, Abu Joho,” said the insider.

Ali Kiba and Governor Joho are close friends, who, in several instances, have been spotted hanging out together in Mombasa, Dubai, among other places.


Tanzania’s Amani newspaper reported in October last year that Kiba and Amina had fallen out bitterly over pictures, which surfaced online, showing Ali Kiba enjoying the company of another woman, identified as Carlo, in Mwanza.

A source close to Kiba and Amina told Amani newspaper that the singer’s flame often feels insecure, when she sees her lover in the company of other women.

“All is not well between Ali Kiba and Amina. They recently argued bitterly!” the insider intimated in the October, 2017 interview.

“You know Amina stays in Mombasa, and given the distance factor, she feels that the Mwana hit-maker could be cheating on her every time she sees a picture of him getting cozy with another woman,” added the source.

“It has since been clarified that Kiba and Carlo have nothing going on between them, but Amina would not hear any of it. She has literally refused to listen to her boyfriend, Ali Kiba.”

Amani reached out to Kiba on phone for comment, but he did not pick up the calls.

When one of Kiba’s managers, who sought anonymity, was reached for comment, he confirmed that Kiba and his lover were undergoing relationship issues, then, but expressed optimism that the couple will manage to iron out their differences.

“When it comes to matters love, issues here and there must arise. It is normal. He (Kiba) and his lover are currently facing problems with their relationship. It is not the first time. Just like previous cases, I believe they will find solutions to their problems,” said Kiba’s manager.


Kiba was rumoured, in the past, to be dating Tanzanian model-cum-businesswoman, Jokate Mwegelo, but none of the two came out to deny or confirm authenticity of the reports, with Kiba maintaining they were “good friends”.

It is now evident Kiba and Amina ironed out their differences and will soon add the title husband and wife to their identities, respectively.

More soon.

(Additional reporting by Tonny Ndungu)


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