‘Kiatu Kivue’ singer Anastacia Mukabwa: People think I have a lot of money!


Gospel singer Anastacia Mukabwa has revealed one of the major challenges she faces as an artiste is a predominant perception by fans that she is a silk-stocking artiste whose pockets never run dry.

Speaking to eDaily, Ms Mukabwa said she often finds herself in a pickle explaining to fans her financial situation.

“When people meet me, they think I am loaded. Everywhere, every time they think my pockets are heavy. When I tell them that I am broke they don’t believe it. Another challenge is when I meet people they want me to give them all my time – for instance, there is a lady I met in a supermarket and she narrated to me all her problems, urging me to stay on and listen to her. I was in a hurry and I had to leave. To her, I came across as a snob,” said the Kiatu Kivue hit-maker.

The Busia-born singer also divulged intimate details about her life.

“I am married to an amazing man who lives in Kakamega. Anastacia is a product of Western Kenya. I am a mother of two. I am also a businesswoman,” she said.

But how does she balance the many faces of being a businesswoman, an artiste, a mother and a wife?

“The most important thing is understanding. What does your family think of you? How do your children perceive you? My husband understands me, my children approve of me. I plan my duties. When at home, I am someone’s wife, a mother; when I am out in the public, I am an artiste, an inspirer and a friend of all,” she said.

Anastacia Mukabwa shot to fame when she released the song Kiatu Kivue alongside Tanzanian songbird Rose Muhando.


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