Kiambu man’s ‘transformer’ chopped off in ‘sugar mummy love triangle’ row


A 39-year-old man in Gatundu North is in severe pain after his alleged lover’s clande chopped off his genitals over a suspected love triangle.

Andrew Mwangi, a butcher at Njathaini area, was attacked and stabbed before the attacker cut off his genitals and fled.

Mwangi says the attacker, also 39, accused him of having an affair with his 56-year-old girlfriend.

“He approached me with a machete and a knife saying I will learn a lesson for having an affair with his girlfriend,” Mwangi narrates, adding: “I was drunk, he over powered me, stabbed me several times in the legs, hands and head.”

As if that was not enough, the jilted lover did the unthinkable.

“He cut off my genitals. It was so painful,” Mwangi narrated.

Residents of Njathaini area came to his rescue when they heard him crying in distress.

He was rushed to Igegania Level Four Hospital for emergency treatment.

The butcher, however, denies claims that he was in a love triangle with the alleged 56-year-old sugar mummy.

“The allegations that I had an affair with his sugar mummy are false. I demand justice. He must pay for his deeds,” he said.

Gatundu North OCPD, Reuben Muli, says the police have since launched a manhunt for the perpetrator and are asking for public assistance.

“The suspect will be apprehended and justice will be served.” Muli said.

This incident follows a wave of similar domestic violence cases – a trend that has raised concern across the nation.

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