Khalwale: Fear of disappointment has stopped Raila from holding rallies


Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale says Raila Odinga’s political dalliance with Jubilee Party has resulted in a significant reduction of his popularity among his supporters.

Mr Khalwale believes Mr Odinga is aware of his diminished charisma hence the reason the Nasa leader has avoided holding political rallies in the country since his March 9 unity agreement with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mr Khalwale says Raila gets bright-eyed when he sees a mammoth crowd attend his political rally, and now that his political influence has “reduced”, he fears convening a mass meeting, only for it to be attended by “a few people”.

“You saw him hold a political rally in Kisumu in mid-March after entering into a peace pact with President Kenyatta. Did the Kisumu rally draw the thousands of followers he was used to? No. It flopped spectacularly,” Mr Khalwale said during an interview on Milele FM Wednesday morning.

The ex-senator says Raila Odinga’s followers were against him working with the Government, which, they accused of oppressing voices in the Opposition.

Mr Khalwale says Mr Odinga should have understood what his rooters wanted before accepting to work with Jubilee.

The vocal politician further revealed he was against Uhuru-Raila peace pact, saying it was unrepresentative of what leaders in the NASA camp wanted.

Mr Khalwale says after President Kenyatta was declared winner in the race for president in October 2017, Mr Odinga should have endorsed Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka for presidency in the 2022 general election, instead of seeking “further political relevance”.

Mr Khalwale further claimed Mr Odinga “won” the August 8 presidential poll, but was “rigged out” by Jubilee.

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