Khaligraph slams #KOT ‘keyboard warriors’, Burna Boy in new track

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has slammed Kenyans On Twitter in his latest track terming them “keyboard warriors.”

In the track – ‘Khali Cartel 2’ – the Ngori hitmaker further throws a dig at the perceived glorification of foreign acts by Kenyans as opposed to local artists.

He uses the example of Nigerian singer Burna Boy who, in April 2017, delivered a subpar performance at a top entertainment joint in Westlands and when Kenyans called him out for it, he called them peasants.

And when one radio presenter said he would never play the Yawa Dey hitmaker’s music at their station again, he responded saying he could buy the entire radio station and turn it “into an ashtray.”

Yet, despite all these, the Nigerian star was still booked for a show in Kenya this year.

At minute 7:51, Khaligraph raps: “We give these foreign artists a platform and major pay / Poxxi Presha must be turning in his grave / ‘Cause Burna Boy insulted us but we still let him get up on that stage.”

He goes ahead to add: “KoT is all talk, they don’t back it up with moves / A bunch of keyboard warriors who ain’t got enough to lose.”

The new track is a sequel to Khali Cartel 1 which featured Span KOB, Don Jowlz, Petra and Sagini.

In Khali Cartel 2, Khaligraph features Steph Kapela, Twenny Eights, Timmy Blanco, Katapilla and Xtatic.

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