Khaligraph makes Vera Sidika regret her bleaching statements

Rapper Khaligraph Jones

From past experience, we have come to know Khaligraph Jones to be a person who never lets a chance of dropping a diss track go by. The guy was created to release diss tracks. This time, the diss is aimed at socialite Vera Sidika, who took to Instagram to berate Khaligraph for bleaching, and that they were so different in the sens that while he bleached, Vera lightened her skin.

While it might not exactly count as a conventional diss track, Papa Jones was video-taped rapping a few lines in response to socialite Vera Sidika’s Instagram bashing. We might not know whether Jones really did lighten his skin but what we know for sure is that the guy knows a thing or two about hitting below the belt. Literally.

In this scathing response, Jones states that Vera did a bad thing by coming for him, and it is in his habit to hit back at people who ‘don’t respect the OG’.

Jones made snide comments about Vera’s celebrated derriere, claiming that it was silicon and that her boobs are plastic. Ouch? But that is not all, he went ahead to state that Vera was just but a lowly maid  who served coffee and now she has been catapulted to fame due to the fact that she sleeps around. Low blow? But Jones was not even done yet. He went ahead to state that while he had friends, all Vera had were implants.

Khaligraph says that on Tuesday he will be dropping a song that will serve to silence all his haters once and for all. I don’t know why I feel like a huuuuuge beef is looming, but hey, isn’t that what makes life interesting?





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