What Taarab queen Khadija Kopa says about young women and sex


Tanzanian queen of Taarab Khadija Kopa says engaging in sex makes young women age faster.

Speaking on the programme Malimwengu that airs on TBC1 TV on Saturdays, Ms Kopa said she doesn’t age because she hardly engages in sexual acts.

“I take good care of myself and that explains why I look younger than my actual age,” said Khadija.

“You know many young women engage in sexual activities. Sex ages women. The body creams are worse. If you keep away from the two – sex and body creams –, then you would look fresher every day,” added Ms Kopa.

The singer has urged her fans to support her music, and she promises to release a new song soon.

Ms Kopa is famed for the song Nasema Nawe which she featured Diamond Platnumz.

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