Kericho man’s wife and pregnant ‘mpango wa kando’ die less than 12 hours apart

A middle-aged man from Kwa Michael Estate in Kericho County has suffered a double loss after his wife and pregnant lover (mpango wa kando) died less than 12 hours apart.

The man’s wife died on Friday night at the Kericho County Referral Hospital after a short illness.

His lover, who was six months pregnant, died on Saturday morning after “consuming too much alcohol” the previous night, neighbours claimed.

Residents say the man’s lover arrived home while staggering as a result of excessive drinking.

She left the house shortly thereafter, and fell into a ditch, which had sewage. The watercourse was located at the back of her house.

Since the middle-aged woman was extremely drunk, neighbours say, she could not get back on her feet.

Her neighbours had left for work, and, therefore, there was no one to rescue her.

Later mid-morning, one of her neighbours, who returned home, found her lying unconscious in the ditch, with her face immersed in the water.

The neighbour learnt that the woman had already died.

The woman’s unborn baby also died in the incident, medical officers at Kericho Sub-County Hospital said.

Her body was moved to the hospital’s morgue.

The woman was living in the same rental house with her boyfriend, who works as a watchman in Kericho Town.

The man’s wife was also a Kericho resident.




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