Kenya’s Tanasha Oketch manages to do what defeated other women in Diamond’s life


Kenyan beauty Tanasha Oketch has managed to separate her lover, Diamond Platnumz, from his mother, Sanura Kassim, something that proved to be a tall order for her predecessors, including Zari Hassan and Wema Sepetu.

Tanasha Oketch has managed to convince the award-winning musician to move out of the house he shares with his mother in Madale, Dar es Salaam.

Prior to moving into their Madale home, Diamond lived with his mother in Tandale and Sinza-Mori. All through, he dated different women, including Wema Sepetu, Penny Mungilwa, Jokate Mwegelo, Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto, among others, but none managed to successfully persuade him into parting with his mother.

EDAILY understands that Diamond Platnumz now lives in a luxurious mansion he bought in Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam.

Tanasha Oketch, according to sources, is the one who fronted that suggestion to the heavy-hitter, who bought into it.

A well-placed source has revealed that Tanasha has since moved in with the “Utanipenda” star in their new house in Mbezi Beach.

“For the longest time, Nasib [Diamond] has blocked proposals urging him to move out of his mother’s confines. However, it now seems Tanasha Oketch is the first, and maybe, the only woman who has managed to split Nasib from his mother. The musician has since moved out of the house he shares with Ms Kassim,” the insider told Tanzania’s “Amani” newspaper.

“His new house in Mbezi Beach is not child’s play; it is an expensive mansion fitted with bespoke furniture,” added the source.

“In my thinking, Diamond wasn’t comfortable living with Tanasha Oketch under the same roof with his mother, and neither was Tanasha.”

When reached for comment, Diamond’s sister, Esma Platnumz, said their brother’s decision – to move out his mother’s house – won’t strain their relationship.

“We have no problem, at all, with his decision,” said Esma.

Diamond’s manager, Mkubwa Fela, confirmed that the singer recently bought a new house in Mbezi Beach, where he would, henceforth, live with his Kenyan flame.

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Oketch have been dating for close to three months now, and have already made public their wedding plans.

The couple was to wed on February 14 this year, but they postponed it to a later yet-to-be-revealed date so that they can get ample time to plan for their big day.

The lovebirds have already introduced one another to each other’s family.

Tanasha’s influence on the “Love You Die” star is unprecedented, given the stance he took in his previous relationships, when his then-lovers disagreed with his mother.

For instance, when his immediate-ex-lover and mother of his two children, Zari Hassan, fell out with Ms Kassim in May, 2016, during their tour in Europe, Diamond Platnumz sided with his mother, who for the longest time, has been believed to be the one calling shots in his life, including okaying or rejecting the singer’s choices for love partners.

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