Kenyans fail to sympathise with Kisii man killed after his head was ‘locked between woman’s thighs’

Kenyans on social media threw sympathy out of the window, when they came across an EDAILY story of a middle-aged man in Kisii, who died after a youthful woman locked his head between her thighs and, thereafter, released him to fatally hit his head on a tarmac road.

The story shared on the social media pages of EDAILY’s sister platform, Citizen TV, attracted over 7, 500 reactions, 6, 800 comments, 1, 800 shares and an online readership of over 31, 000.

Despite that massive engagement, more than 90 per cent of the reactions were unsympathetic in nature, with many choosing to have a field day with the comments.

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo said on Twitter: “What a way to die.”

Facebook user Wanjiru Kabue commented: “He died a happy man.” Her comment attracted 670 likes and 34 replies.

Abdirisan Mohamed said: “Can that lady lock the Chinese debt between her thighs?” His comment got 1, 600 likes and 305 replies.

Sonoiya Munai wrote: “Keep off Kisii women. One pecked me [on the cheek], and the sound [of the peck] alone was similar to an Infinix screenshot. Tyaal!” His comment garnered 1, 300 likes and 270 replies.

Mustapha Maxcerio said: “Trust me, that man [deceased] is not dead. People from the Kisii community collapse when climaxing. Just wake that man up, and give him porridge.” His comment got 695 likes and 105 replies.

Senior Coaches said: “He died in the line of duty. Respect to him!” His remark attracted 793 likes and 35 replies.

Karl K. Kairu said: “Kifo Kisimani. Sasa ndiyo nimeelewa maana ya huo muktadha wa dondoo baada ya kumaliza shule takriban miaka kumi iliyopita. Asante Mwelusi Mogaka.” Kairu’s comment got 170 likes and 15 replies.

Jere Nash said: “What do you expect when you praise someone ati your thigh is a killer?”

Mercy Juma wrote: “I must attend his funeral. I want to confirm how his eulogy will be written.”

Boaz Makori said: “He died a hero representing the community. What an honorable death from our son. We are very proud of him.”

Aloice Mavropanos said: “This woman should also lock my Tala, Branch, M-Shwari and KCB-Mpesa loans.”

Jasto Collins remarked: “That is a type of suicide known as thighcide.”

Njoki Gatu said: “So far, [this is] the best news Citizen has posted this year. Salute to that journalist [who sourced the story].”

Fidel Ndege said: “He is among the heroes and legends of 2018. He died while on a mission. Congratulations, and there is a special corner for you in heaven.”

Benjamin Chelangat said: “One man is down. I repeat, one man is down. Advance boy-child, advance. The enemy is dangerous.”

Irene Njeri said: “I want to see what the charge sheet in court will read.”

Faith Mutambo said: “On judgement day, the man will be there to explain to our Lord how he died: When, where, how and with who? Dear God, please make this one a private chamber proceeding.”

Okoth Okoth wrote: “The man was playing with death, but death took the joke with grave seriousness.”

Megah Opy said: “I am heading to Kisii now to interview this record-breaking woman.”

Afwata Joab said: “Ataambia Mungu ni nini? That he died after being strangled?”

Kisii man dies after woman ‘locks his head between her thighs’ via eDaily Kenya

Posted by Citizen TV Kenya on Saturday, December 29, 2018

The deceased hailed from Gionsaria Village in Nyamache Sub-County in Kisii County.

He died on Friday after a youthful woman locked his head between her thighs and, thereafter, released him, causing the man to fatally hit his head on a tarmac road.

Area chief Oganda Matego said the man, who is popularly known in the area as ‘Doctor’, was held between the woman’s thighs for approximately one minute, while the woman’s female friend lifted ‘Doctor’s’ legs in the air.

When the woman, who had locked the man, released him, his head hit the road.

Matego said it is suspected the two were lovers, and were “playing” when the bizarre death occurred.

The two women rushed ‘Doctor’ to Nyamache District Hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival. His body was moved to the facility’s mortuary awaiting a postmortem examination.

The women were arrested by police from Nyangusu station, who were called to the health facility by a medical officer who received ‘Doctor’.

Upon receiving news of ‘Doctor’s’ death, angry residents torched four houses believed to be owned by the suspects.

Investigations into ‘Doctor’s’ death are ongoing.

‘Doctor’ worked as a turnboy on vehicles transporting tea leaves in Kisii.


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