Kenyans encourage Otile in the wake of demeaning remarks by Sidika


Kenyans, in their hundreds, have taken to Instagram to encourage Otile Brown in the wake of demeaning allegations made by his ex-lover Vera Sidika.

On Monday, November 19, Sidika lifted the lid on her sex life with Otile Brown, saying the musician’s bedroom skills are “pathetic”.

Taking to her Instagram page, via the Insta stories feature, Sidika said throughout her six month-plus relationship with the “Mapenzi Hisia” star, she never experienced an orgasm.

“He claimed I am a sex addict, and would play with myself while sleeping. Who wouldn’t if a man cannot satisfy you? No foreplay [from him], no kisses, no touching… He just f**ks and gets an orgasm in 10 seconds. Of course, I had to play with myself because he left me hanging; there is [absolutely] nothing wrong in that [masturbation],” said Sidika.

The video vixen further claimed Otile Brown’s manhood is “small”.

“If you think that I am lying [that he has a small manhood], ask the girls he has f**ked,” said Sidika.

The “Nalia” hit-maker further said she was the one who taught Otile Brown how to have sexual intercourse.

And in the wake of those-ego bruising allegations, Otile Brown remains unmoved, and continues posting pictures with positive captions on his Instagram page.

In a phone interview with EDAILY on Monday, the “Kiistarabu” star said he won’t address Ms Sidika’s claims, and neither will he appear for media interviews “soon”.

“I do not need to be all over. I can’t promise to grant you an interview today or in the near future. As an artiste, I should be very strategic on how I go about media tours and general interviews. I should grant such sessions when I have something to say or introduce into the market. Currently, I have taken a break from such interviews as I strategise on my brand,” said Otile Brown.

And a day later, the musician uploaded to his Instagram page a picture of himself dressed in a maroon blazer and black T-shirt, and captioned it: “I am amazing. I got nothing, but love.”

And even though he was mocked by a section of his followers over Vera’s claims, a bulk of the comments on his post were positive.

Instagram user Young Cali said: “Someone is out there losing her mind because of you. That is amazing.”

Karieh said: “I like him even after Vera Sidika trashed his name”.

Mrembo Lily said: “Yes, you are amazing, and forever will be. Nothing and no one can bring you down. God is, definitely, on your side. We, your fans, love and adore you. Don’t let us down. Just give us hit after another.”

Kut Guiness said: “From the look of things, you don’t even have haters in Kenya. Kenyans joke about everything; that is normal. Right now, you are more popular than you might think. You have changed the landscape of Kenyan music in 2018. Nothing can, or should, bring you down; not even the money that they claim they have. You are a revolution to the Kenyan music industry – just after Sauti Sol. Keep the focus, and the best thing is that you remain unbothered by Vera’s claims. They want to reduce a man’s ability to sex, especially men meant for greatness, [that won’t happen].”

Sharon Muendo said: “Yes, Otile, you are amazing and mature.”

Hana Quacey said: “You deserve a decent woman, who respects you and herself.”

Pats Who said: “Otile Brown, keep winning. I love your attitude. Silence is the best killer [of negative energy]. Leave that lady, who is in denial that she was dumped, to keep on wandering.”

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