Kenyan musician allegedly raped by rugby stars: What we know so far

The Department of Criminal Investigations office in Kilimani has confirmed that the Office of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has contacted them to initiate investigations into the rape accusations by an upcoming Kenyan musician who claims two rugby players sexually assaulted her on February 10, 2018.

Fatma Handi, the DCIO Kilimani, speaking exclusively to EDAILY on Monday, said: “It is true the office of the DDP has reached out to us to investigate the allegations. Right now it is too early to make any revelations. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get more information.”

The DPP on Sunday, April 1, tweeted on its official account: “The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions treats information about rape very seriously. Be rest assured that the matter is being given due urgent attention. The DPP_Ke has already gotten in touch with Kilimani DCIO and action is being taken.

“The DPP_KE has already contacted the victim and appropriate action is being taken in consultation with DCIO Kilimani.”

But even as the investigations are currently underway, questions still abound as to what really transpired on the fateful night after the damning allegations were made on the social media platform, Instagram, by the musician claiming the two men sexually assaulted her at an undisclosed location.

The fast-rising artiste, made the startling revelations on Saturday, March 31 via the Instastory feature on Instagram, recounting her ordeal that went viral online. She claimed the two players had raped her repeatedly overnight at her birthday party.

“This man has taken advantage of many other ladies I am not the first one and I don’t think I’ll be the last one… so there [name withheld] sue me, take me to court, threaten me I really don’t care at this point,” she said.

When reached for comment by EDAILY, the alleged victim told this reporter: “As of now, I am not ready to go on media as my family and I are very much distressed. Kindly give me a bit of time and I shall be in touch with you.”

One of the player’s lawyers claims the accuser has not filed a formal complaint with the police against his client, and that he does not understand why the Office of the DPP would take up the case without a complainant seeking for action.

“Once we get any communication from office of the DPP, then we would pursue it. Actually, I do not know why the DPP would get involved in this yet there is no complainant yet. The lady has not yet filed a complaint at any police station. Once that happens, we would, thereafter, pursue it,” said one of the player’s lawyer.

The lawyer suggests that the woman’s allegations against his client would be disproved once his client’s version of what transpired on the night of February 10 comes to the fore.

“There is so much to this story that we would not want to comment about at the moment. We are doing the best to cover the interest of the young guy. Not again to forget that there is a young girl involved. We have reported the matter to Kilimani Police Station, and we are pursuing our own angle to it.

“Our client was taken aback by the woman’s allegations. Rape is a serious crime. In however much we are saying there is a lady involved, there is also a young guy involved; his career risks going down the drain; what happens if the rugby union decides to terminate his contract based on the rape allegations? What happens to any other business that he was doing; any other engagement that had as a result of being a rugby player?

“I won’t comment much about speculations that my client is being maligned at the moment. But, from what we have investigated and what we have looked at, before the end of this week, the truth will come out, and the truth will favor our side.”

The Kenya Rugby Union says, in a statement, that they are reviewing the matter.


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