Kenrazy reveals details on why he left Grandpa records

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Veteran rapper Kenrazy has opened up on why he left record signing, Grandpa records, to establish his own label after his two-year contract came to an end on January 1, 2016.

In an exclusive interview with eDaily, Kenrazy, born Kenneth Oluoch, said he never considered renewing his contract, rather considered starting a new music journey.

“I am currently doing collabos with various artist from different labels, soon I will feature renown artist such as Wyre or even Nameless,” he said. “Forget doing the remix.”

Hitherto, the musician revealed that he is now considering starting his own label to sign new acts in the industry.

Asked about an alleged beef with Grandpa Records, the Tichi hit-maker, who had earlier hinted that quibbles no longer exist in Kenyan industry, said that he has no bad blood with his former employers and he was still open to work with them.

According to the rapper, he spends much time in studio and plan to release more music in the industry unlike working under labels where he is limited to work with specific guidelines.

“I spend so much time in studio and that makes me even faster to produce. So many people do not understand that fact and expect our pace of delivery to be the same,” Kenrazy said.

Similarly, Kenrazy revealed why upcoming artists find it difficult to climb the ladder of success saying that there is so much bureaucracy among established recording studios.

“There is so much consultation that goes around before a new comer is given opportunity to try their prowess in the booth. They end up having a wrong perception of other artists who rarely participate in decisions by top management,” the rapper said.

Kenrazy reiterated that label managers and music promoters should acknowledge that artists create them jobs and should hence consider giving more to the industry.

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