Kenrazy’s biggest three-month achievement

Kenyan rapper Kenrazy, born Kenneth Oluoch, has been sober for three months now.

Kenrazy who for long battled addiction to alcoholism says his 90-day mission to ditch the bottle has been successful – and vows to preach against alcohol abuse by the youth.

Though he admits his self-induced rehabilitation was difficult, Kenrazy says he is a living testimony that an alcoholic can become a teetotaler if he commits to changing his habits.

“Three months ago I set a challenge for myself to go “90 days without alcohol”. I did not think I would make it to the 90th day, but it is great that I have managed to go through the challenge; and also just proved that most of the things we put in our lives are “luxury” that we can do without. Don’t let it (alcohol) destroy or control us,” said the Mbilikimo Mkora hit-maker.

The fourth born in a family of six says he would use the money he’d set aside as “entertainment allowance” to give back to the society by engaging in philanthropic activities.

“My biggest plan is to take the money I would have ‘wasted’ on alcohol to the kids who really need help and just put a smile on a kid or an orphan who has nothing but hope in life.”

The Jericho-born and bred artiste says he has been on a three-month hiatus from music due to his “rehabilitation”, but promises in the second week of July, he will release a new jam that he has featured one of Kenya’s celebrated acts.

Besides, Kenrazy has been putting his “music house” in order so that he gets back with a bang.

“Also had to take a break to get my new management team up and ready for work. Our mission is to ‪#‎TakeKenyaToTheWorld.”

Kenrazy has also challenged differing artistes to embrace unity so that Kenya can produce internationally recognised musicians.

“Musicians who are inclined toward different recording stables in Kenya shouldn’t differ unnecessarily. That gives an edge to our neighbours who use our disintegration to their advantage by producing artistes who represent the region in top fete ceremonies such as BET. At that time, back in the country we engage in uncalled for beef,” said Kenrazy.

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