Kaytrixx, Maya, Jarvis & Njeri: Claims of love triangle, betrayal & bitter fall-out surface on Twitter

On January 27, a lady whose Twitter moniker is Kenya Rugby Queen took to the social media platform to call out her friend-turned-foe Njeri, who is famously known on the micro-blogging site as Iron Lady; Duchess of Gatanga, for forcefully seeking a romantic relationship with a rugby player.

The alleged interest in the rugby player, identified only as Mokuasi, would – a few hours later –, turn out to be one of the ugliest unfoldings of love-gone-sour, betrayal, bitter break-up and character assassination.

“If you have issues with Mokuasi, solve them like a mature person. Stop dragging his children into this. If you are out here trying to make him look bad, then trust me, you will end up in mud. When someone has been rejected, she should accept and move on,” tweeted Kenya Rugby Queen in a post she directed at Njeri.

“Why would you [Njeri] send your nudes to every guy in the rugby circle and then start texting them, saying: ‘Did you send Queen my nudes?’” Kenya Rugby Queen continued her onslaught against Njeri.

A Twitter user tagged Njeri on some of Queen’s tweets.

Njeri would immediately respond to the Twitter user, saying: “Tell her [Queen] to text me. If it is a matter of life and death, let her call the police. Is it today that she has known that I had blocked her? She should have known that I had done that by 2017.”

Queen got wind of Njeri’s rebuttal, and attached a screenshot showing that Njeri had blocked her, and captioned the image: “Iron Lady, Duchess of Gatanga [Njeri], unblock me first and then we will see who ends up in the hot pan. Who drags kids in a grown men’s issue?”

It is this post by Queen that attracted the attention of another Twitter user, Betty Waitherero, who happened to know a man that had had an encounter with Njeri – that man is Jarvis.

“@JarvisNguyo, come see our favourite psycho is being exposed,” tweeted Waitherero, getting the attention of Jarvis, who Njeri had had a work and non-work relationship with.

“That [expletive] – Njeri – is a psycho,” tweeted Jarvis, not knowing his post would spark fury in Njeri, who decided to go all out in exposing Jarvis’ dirty linen in public.

In a series of tweets, Njeri discomfited Jarvis.

Below is her thread:

“In 2014 June, I started working on this ivory case in Mombasa, Jarvis and I used to talk even before I picked the case. I got to Mombasa; he picked me up in town. We got to his house, it was on a weekend and I told him I had to go see Mr Tudor in KWS office and the next, I day had to meet the then-County Commissioner over the same issue. Monday at 9am, I was meant to meet the lead prosecutor [so that we could] start on the matter. I stayed with him [Jarvis] for 3weeks. You think I’ll lie and say there was no fluid exchange involved, there was.


“Jarvis was messing with then-Dj Kaytrixx’s girlfriend, Maya. I asked him about her and he was like: ‘She comes to sleep-over once in a while.’ I was like ‘ok!’ Then he wanted to have Maya over, he caused drama. He picked [and] chased me with panga. I went to his landlord and they helped me leave [Jarvis’ house].

“So, I texted my boss because 1. Jarvis was armed, and no, I wasn’t going to agree to die. My boss advised me to leave and go to South Coast and stay with my grandma but [he advised me to] first report Jarvis to his boss, which I did; and they raided his bedsitter in Kiembeni, where they only found Maya.

“Jarvis was [consequently] disarmed and I think [demoted] to guarding the bank and not [Mombasa Governor Ali] Joho. I was accompanied by his mkubwa to County Commissioner’s office to write a statement.

“So, that is how Jarvis and I stopped talking. Not forgetting, since I lived with him, I had to buy food coz I love food. I [also] used to do his laundry. Yes I am not ashamed I did all this and I’ve come out clean and open.”

DJ Kaytrixx, who is a married man for more than six years now, is yet to respond to Njeri’s allegations, though EDAILY has reached him for comment.

The last post on his Twitter page Tuesday, he promoted his upcoming concert on Kiambu Road.

Jarvis, however, was quick to give his version of the story.

Taking to Twitter, Jarvis said, in a thread: “What did she say? Our case is too sensitive; it has prominent people in high offices, sensitive matters that are not for threads. All I can say is that she is a smart woman, though crazy.

“[This is a] woman I used to fly in every weekend and she does the cleaning and brings with her some cheap stuff; that I have never even touched; of which I sent her away with. [Most of the time], I was never home. Our side hustle was over. And now, I do not understand why she came back and refused to leave my place.

“I had to send the boys to go pick my keys and she refused [with the keys], saying I had to go pick them by myself. I sought a day off, went home and kicked her out. While I was in the process of kicking her out, she wanted to unzip my trousers. That’s how I resorted to the panga stunt.

“I won’t state any of my so-relationship with any woman here. Stop wasting your time asking me about Maya. That is where you all go wrong. You need to leave her out of this. For your information, Maya and I go back even before there was a DJ by the name Kaytrixx.”

Twitter, of late, has been a platform, where a section of Kenyans opt to wash their dirty linen in public, with some, however, using the platform to expose unknown before things about certain people.

Prior to the Njeri-Jarvis drama, the latest damning allegations on Twitter was that of Fadhili Wilkins, a self-proclaimed brand strategist, who was outed for conmanship.

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