Kawira reveals previously unknown information about her triplets

Papa Shirandula actress Kawira, whose real name is Joy Karambu, has revealed that two of her triplets are doing fine, two months after they were born prematurely.

Speaking to eDaily on phone on Monday, March 5, Kawira revealed that the two babies were part of triplets she was blessed with on December 7, 2017 but one succumbed.

The gifted actress further disclosed that the babies were born two months before their due date.

“My two babies, a son and daughter, were placed in an incubator for one month, where they were closely looked after by doctors at a city hospital. They, alongside me, were discharged from hospital after one month. I am glad the babies are doing fine, though it saddens me that we lost one, who was part of the triplets,” said Kawira.

Kawira says the babies are doing fine.

“They are growing quite fast. The only issue is that their sleeping patterns vary quite much; and so I have to keep awake a better part of the night looking after either of them,” she said.

Kawira is married to Pastor Ephantus Wahome. The couple tied the knot in November, 2014, and celebrated their third anniversary on Wednesday, November 22, 2018. Mr Wahome is a pastor, gospel artiste and motivational speaker.

Mr Wahome says he wants to be an ideal model to his children.

“Fatherhood is all about provision, security and mentorship. I want to be that guy my children can look up to and say this is my role model. Being a first time father is not easy, but each day is a learning process; and so far, so good. I take much of my time while home just bonding with them. I have the grace and am excited,” Mr Wahome told eDaily.


Kawira and Mr Wahome exchanged vows while she was in her mid twenties.

The adorable pair met at an event that was managed by Mr Wahome; and Kawira was the concert’s emcee.

“My man had the qualities I was looking for – all the attributes I had prayed to God to help me find,” she told eDaily in a previous interview.

The pair would fall in love and since then, they are growing stronger by the day – including in marriage; in Kawira’s words: “The institution of marriage is not as difficult as people claim.”


Kawira says when she was new in marriage, it was quite difficult to adjust to the expectations of being a wife as she was used to her freedom; which was in abundance when she was single.

“It (early phase of marriage) was hard! I have not been raised by a man and with boys around. So, I was wondering why my husband was telling me what to do; why we should go to church together; why I couldn’t go to my mum’s place the way I wanted; why I couldn’t hook up with my friends the way I used to; basically why were things changing? At my parents’ house, I wasn’t cooking since I was the last born – so I was thrown into a world where I had to cook every day.

“He (Mr Wahome) had issues with that; but I learnt to submit.

“Submission doesn’t hurt at all; if a woman does so, the husband often fulfills everything she asks for. Do you know why the Bible says a woman should submit and a man should love? It’s because a man often doesn’t know how to love and a woman doesn’t know how to submit – submission proves quite hard to women because it makes them (women) appear inferior and suppressed – that is not the case.”


“Marriage is till death do you part. If you get into the institution with a mindset that your man will desert you, he certainly will. If you go looking for a wrong in a man, you will find one. If you have insecurities that you would divorce, you sure will divorce. The grass often looks greener on the other side; until you get there is when you realise that the green grass grows in sewage,” said Kawira.

In the April, 2016 interview with eDaily, Kawira shared nuggets of wisdom in form of three key pillars that keep marriage intact.

“Communication is foremost – even if a confession is on the worst of imaginations, make it. Number two is trust: if you don’t trust a man, don’t be too quick to tell him or show it – when he learns of your insecurities, he certainly will do the mischief you suspected him of; that’s what I have learnt. And always maintain a consistent light tone when disagreeing with your man.

“Number three is submission: as a woman, always submit! Put away all that career-woman mentality once you enter the house. Submission entails a lot; even if you have hired a house help; she can do the cooking, and you personally serve your husband.”



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