Karen residents want to kick me out because I keep cows: Ringtone

The preeminent bogeyman of the Gospel Industry is back with some more, ummm, hilarious drama.

Ringtone is not one to make boring news ; He’s the Gospel Industry’s foremost troll and his Instagram is enough testament of his notorious sheepishness.

Now, it appears like he’s not just a nuisance online – He’s also causing sleepless nights to his neighbors in the affluent Karen neighborhood.

Ringtone, real name Alex Apoko, has been served with a letter from his community’s chairman after his neighbors complained about his not-so-Karen behavior – raising cattle.

In the letter, Ringtone has been expressly told that his neighbors find his habit of raising and keeping cattle in Karen unacceptable.

The letter also reveals that Ringtone has over 40 cows that he keeps at his Karen farm. And that’s causing a lot of headaches to a lot of his distressed cattle-phobic neighbors.

And if he doesn’t desist from his farming tendencies, Ringtone has also been threatened with legal action very soon.

The letter, crafted by a James Hirst, appears to praise the Gospel singer and fawn over his ‘celebrity status’  in a  very cheesy way.

Ringtone started off the year with a bang after taking to Instagram to attack his fellow Gospel artists and create quite a massive kerfuffle over the Bahati and Mr Seed fallout.

His Gospel nemeses may be ignoring his antics… But his Karen neighbors seem to be paying attention. And he better take them seriously.

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