Kanye West’s album hits top 40 billboard mark despite boycott talks

American rapper, producer cum entrepreneur, Kanye West, has his new album featured on billboard’s top 40 songs.

Kanye West’s new album has featured in the billboard top 40 charts this week despite social media uproar, CNN reports.

The song “Yikes” came in the highest, charting at No. 8 on the Top 10.
“All Mine” just missed that list, coming in at No. 11. “Ghost Town” debuted at No. 16, “Wouldn’t Leave” at No. 25, “Violent Crimes” at No. 27, “I Thought About Killing You” at No. 28, and “No Mistakes” at No. 36.

This comes even after there were calls to boycott the controversial musician after he went on and off social media with his controversial comments about the history of slavery in America.

Speaking with TMZ kanye West said, “When you hear about slavery for 400 years, for 400 years? That sounds like a choice.”

His fans were also not impressed when West wore a “Make America Great Again” cap, which is a slogan affiliated with Donald Trump.

However, the American rapper, revamped the album when the public furore became too much.
Kanye West was however thankful for the continued support he has received despite his previous controversial comments.

“That’s the reason why the world won’t let me go, because I’m a family member,” West said. “They might disagree with me on certain things, but I’m there family. I have been here for 15 years, 18 years.”

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