Kamene Goro: I’ve not gone to a club to party in two years…unless I’m paid

Kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro has now sought to rubbish reports and public perception that she is a ‘party girl.’

Kamene, who spoke during an Instagram Live broadcast with Classic 105 FM radio presenter Mike Mondo, said she has not gone to a club in the last couple of years unless she was paid to be there.

She further stated that, if she were the kind of ‘party girl’ that people think she is, she would not be able to maintain a morning radio show which requires her to wake up at 3am.

Kamene also revealed that one of the worst things someone has ever said about her was that she is dumb.

“…there are very many things I am in this world, dumb is not one of them. Call me ugly or old, but you cannot say I am dumb,” she said.

She further added: “If I had a sponsor I would not be working, I would not be huko sitting 4 hours with Andrew Kibe.”

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