Kalonje: I did not get new woman hours after leaving fiancée


Kenyan entertainer DJ Kalonje has denied he moved on immediately after ending his 7-year relationship with his ex-fiancée Sonnie Kangai.

DJ Kalonje, whose real name is George Waweru, had allegedly told a local radio station recently that he kick-started a new relationship on the same night he ended his engagement to Sonnie. Their break up occurred in late December 2018.

“I did not say in a radio interview that I moved on the same day I ended my former relationship.  And, neither is it true that I am currently seeing another woman,” Kalonje told EDAILY in a brief phone conversation Thursday.

Kalonje and Sonnie, who share two children together, got engaged in 2017 in Dubai.

It remains unclear why the couple ended their union, though an earlier post by the decks master suggests his partner “concentrated too much on herself at the expense of their relationship”.

Kalonje, in the break up message, wished Sonnie “good luck in all her endeavors”.

Sonnie Kangai has since kept away from public scrutiny.

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