Kalembe: If Achesa can be named CS with Standard Eight cert, then I’m fit to occupy Devolution docket

Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile says he has the required educational qualification to be a Cabinet Secretary.

Speaking in Kibwezi last weekend, Kalembe said he is confident he will be appointed the Devolution CS in the next Government.

Kalembe further said if Rashid Achesa, whose highest educational level is Standard Eight, can become a CS in charge of Sports, then he sees nothing which would bar him, a Bachelor’s degree student, from becoming a CS.

“Leaders from Ukambani who can ascend to the position of deputy president are two: Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his Machakos counterpart Dr Alfred Mutua. I urge the politician I support for presidency in 2022, William Ruto, to choose one of those two. I will be the CS for Devolution under Ruto’s government,” said Kalembe.

“I now see CSs with Standard Eight education serving the nation. I have since joined university to study for a bachelor’s degree. I don’t think serving in the Cabinet requires one to be highly educated. I think it’s about being able to deliver on development promises,” added Kalembe.

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