The tale of Kajiado man and his 2 wives

Tom Junior Mako, 27, says he and his two wives, Elizabeth Simaloi, 25, and Joyce Tikoiyan, 23, lived together under the same roof for one year before they decided to solemnise their threesome relationship.

Both women have two children — all sired by Mr Mako. Ms Simaloi’s children are aged 6 and 4, while Ms Tikoiyan’s are aged 4 and 1.

“I lived with both of them under the same roof in my Kajiado home for one year – 2017 – before I was convinced to exchange wedding vows with them. Marriage should not be something that one enters into and regrets later. So, I had to rehearse a mock marriage setting with them so that I get to know exactly how they would behave if I married them. In that one year, I got to find out their excitement, worries, fears, strengths, weaknesses, anger levels and general character. I was, thereafter, convinced that I can live with both of them as my wives,” Mr Mako told EDAILY on Thursday.

Mr Mako, a car dealer, had – sometime in the past – fallen out with Ms Simaloi, who left her ‘matrimonial’ home for her parents’ home; and it was during that time that Mr Mako met and fell in love with Ms Tikoiyan.

As the relationship between Ms Mako and Ms Tikoiyan progressed, Ms Sinaloi decided to return to her lover’s home.

Mr Mako was left with no choice but to sit the two women down and convince them that he loved both equally and needed both of them as his wives.

“It took me a lot of convincing to do. I am, however, glad that my efforts paid off,” said Mr Mako.

The three’s relationship culminated in a traditional wedding, which took place on December 11, 2018 at Mr Mako’s Kisaju home in Kajiado County.

Ms Simaloi said she discussed the matter with Mr Mako at length before she agreed to have Ms Tikoiyan as her co-wife.

Mr Mako says, according to him, he did the honourable thing.

“I have married the two women formally just to assure them that there is no other lady out there who I am eyeing, but only them. I would want to urge young men to shun multiple dating or extramarital affairs. If you must be in a romantic relationship with more than one woman, then take the new woman in your life home so that she can be officially known and recognised by your kinsmen. That is the right thing to do,” said Mr Mako.

The groom says he wishes he could take his two wives on honeymoon, but he is unable to due to financial hardships.

“Tough economic times have condemned me and my wives to my residential home in Kajiado. For now, I cannot afford honeymoon. How I wish a sponsor would come on board,” he told EDAILY.

On how he plans to live with the two women, moving forward, Mr Mako, who previously worked as a land trade broker, said: “Each of them has her house located on the same compound. So, I would be randomly spending nights on either of the houses; depending on how I would be feeling like that day.”

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