KAHASO: How to work your way toward success


Society has set the standards of success to be academic-oriented.

This has eroded the perception and reality of what it really is. We cannot rule out the fact that it cannot be achieved in a single day; it is a process, it is the countless times of burning the midnight oil, it is the energy and stamina of trying again and again even after failure.

Success remains to be the greatest priority in most of our lives but when it comes to persistence and the effort required, that is where most fall short.

Sometimes, success is made to be almost impossible, especially when one does not realise the potential within them. The fastest path to success is starting now.

It is important to note that success should never wait for anyone’s approval. Success is not success because people said it is, but because it gives you a sense of satisfaction to stand tall and see the countless things you have achieved.

You want to live large? Here are some of the things you should do.

Passion and purpose

Passion is one of the key drivers of success. It is important to understand the things that excite you; it may be the random things you do during your free time.

Passion is what lays the foundation and defines your purpose. Use your passion as a roadmap to create strategic plans that will ignite your purpose.


No man achieved great things by working alone. Sharing ideas and brainstorming with others can contribute greatly towards one’s success.

However, one should be careful about the team they are working with. Ensure you are surrounded by positive-thinking people; dreams, in several instances, are killed by persons around us.

Working as a team gives room for productivity; several minds set on one task brood creativity. Teamwork enables one to think widely and also capture perspectives from different dimensions.


A good mentor understands and relates with your goals.

Mentors are there to not only guide you, but to encourage and help you realise your dreams.

In as much as we might want to do things our way, this should not mean that we shun being open-minded; we should welcome fresh ideas and accept accountability.

Having someone constantly checking on us can be a good way of monitoring progress and making adjustments where need be.

We all have those days when we feel like things are not working, right?

Well, with a mentor; someone who wants to see things work out for you, there is this energy that rarely leaves us, and that is exactly what you need to keep you going.


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