Kabogo’s chopper was involved in accident


Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo says his helicopter is grounded after he was involved in an accident.

Kabogo made that revelation on Citizen TV’s JKL on Wednesday night.

The former county chief, however, did not reveal when or where the accident took place. Neither did he disclose the nature of the accident.

Kabogo said he has already made plans to acquire another aircraft, clarifying that, until the accident, he only owned one chopper – and not two as several blogs reported in the past.

The former governor, who said he could run for president in 2022, was responding to a question revolving around his wealth.

Koinange asked Kabogo if he has the financial muscle to gas a presidential campaign against Deputy President William Ruto in 2022.

That was when the ex-Kiambu county boss revealed that his wealth was “legitimately acquired”, going ahead to disclose details, though scanty, about his chopper accident.

Kabogo said he is yet to make up his mind on the political seat he would run for in 2022, suggesting he could run for president, become a presidential candidate’s running-mate, or take up a “serious” cabinet post “such as Interior Ministry”.

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