Jubilee supporters who didn’t make it to Uhuru inauguration given Ksh1000 each

More than 200 Jubilee Party supporters in Bungoma County were given Ksh1000 each for their transport back home after missing out on buses, which had been hired to ferry them to Nairobi for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s inauguration Tuesday.

The rooters, who had camped at Bungoma town through Monday night, complained that they had been neglected by the ruling party’s county leadership.

“Jubilee Party leadership in Bungoma were given the money as early as yesterday (Monday, November 27) after we missed the buses, and instead of giving us the money to board public service vehicles to our respective homes, they decided to keep it,” said a Jubilee party supporter who spoke in confidence.

“We – more than 200 of us – feel disrespected by their (Bungoma County Jubilee Party leadership) act of greed,” said another supporter, who sought anonymity.

“I was in the list of supporters who were to travel to Nairobi for Uhuru’s inauguration. But when I reached Bungoma town, I was told that all Nairobi-bound buses hired by the party’s leadership had left. I, alongside other supporters, were forced to spend the night in the cold, without food,” said a woman from Kanduyi Constituency.

Some of the Jubilee Party supporters alleged that those who made it for the Nairobi trip were supporters of the Opposition, the National Super Alliance (NASA), and not Jubilee Party’s.

The Jubilee Party supporters were drawn from Mt. Elgon, Webuye West, Webuye East, Bumula, Kakamega and Kimilili areas.

The Jubilee Party supporters Tuesday morning camped outside the office of Deputy County Commissioner of Bungoma, where they were given Ksh1000 each for bus fare.


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