How Joy Doreen Biira’s surprise baby shower went down

The former KTN news presenter is heavily pregnant with her second child.

Joy, whose roots are traced to Uganda, has a daughter.

She is expecting a son, whom colleagues have advised her to name Wagwan.

““Wagwan” is the name suggested for baby #2. State Counsel traveled to Kingston, Jamaica on a work trip and returned with a name Wagwan,” Joy said.

And the good colleagues from her former place of work, KTN, and her new place, the ministry of mining, organised a surprise baby shower for her.

For starters, Joy is the advisor, strategic communications, at the ministry, a position she quietly assumed towards the end of 2017.

The colleagues spoiled her with cake, hugs, laughter and of course a baby t-shirt labelled Wagwan.

“I have been blessed to have some really caring colleagues who through my different and various work environments and work life in general, have grown to become good friends and not just workmates… these ladies and gentlemen (yes that’s right, though invisible) sure did surprise me,” she said afterwards.

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